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Introducing Digital Realty Vision Explorer—a tablet-targeted mobile App that transforms data center facility tours. Leveraging augmented reality, modern design tools, and Unity 3D, this app seamlessly presents data center information while ensuring security. Even offline. It provides an immersive experience that highlights an individual data center’s unique features.

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Chart Economy is a robust online SaaS platform designed for researchers, educators, and professionals to monitor and track financial trends closely. It will offer online indicator comparison charting and graphing, upcoming reports tracking, up-to-date economic news, and an economic event calendar for up-to-date market insights that can be saved and shared.

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For IBM I designed an online app for Zoom that simulates varying IT incident strategies for businesses, including running costs. Through a four-step design process, I defined the app’s architecture, wire framed, prototyped, and art directed it. The bespoke app allowed IBM’s TSS educators to shift their classroom experience to an online platform smoothly during the pandemic.

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I was the lead designer for the creation of ‘Learn Balloon Math Four’, an online app designed to provide flexible and engaging learning experiences for fourth-grade math students in the Canton of St. Gallen. As a server-based application, the app enabled students to practice math problems at their own pace in both classroom and home settings.

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‘ice’ is a fascinating design concept that brings together the worlds of tactile relief and modern interface design. Inspired by my work for an entertainment company, I wanted to explore the possibility of incorporating visually-raised, relief-heavy objects into a sleek, minimalist design. The result is a stunning, gradient oval rectangle relief that elevates the play bar controls and current track in the playlist, making them pop off the screen.

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My travel app optimizes your time, keeps you informed about weather conditions, and organizes all your trip schedules, travel conditions, offers, and events in one easy-to-use interface. With advanced AI technology, it retrieves travel alerts and commuter info, and it also automatically organizes your bookings. Get ready to streamline your travel planning and enjoy a stress-free journey!

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Extending Creativity with Generative AI in System Design

Recently, we had a challenge from our client, HEMAG Balgach AG. They had new job openings for posting online but were not satisfied with posting another text-based offering; instead, they wanted a campaign with some steam to turn more heads. Having recently extended their brand with new visuals featuring honeycomb hexagram shapes, they want to incorporate these elements in the final design.

Logo & Marks Portfolio

In designing a logo, I find joy in the elegant process of creating a visual representation that captures the essence of a customer's brand. It's a fulfilling challenge to understand their vision and create something simple yet memorable, all while considering their target audience and industry. A well-designed logo becomes the foundation of a brand's identity, and seeing it come to life and connect with customers is a wonderful feeling. The satisfaction of knowing that my work has helped a business succeed is what makes logo design a rewarding profession.