Located on a high plateau in the Eastern Swiss Alps, Alp Flix offers an ever-changing landscape of seasonal charm and biodiversity. A photographer’s mecca of vistas, fauna, and flora.

The trek is of medium difficulty due to the altitude of around 2000 meters. You will go up and then down about 271 m over the 7.5 km long route.

In October, the high grasses turn a golden brown and the larch pine needles on the surrounding mountains become a bright yellow. Contrasting with the green alp grasses and blue mountain lakes, the stage is set for some stunning photos.

From the parking lot at the base of the alp you will ascend by the famous lone chapel, in the distance you may catch a few of the horses that call Alp Flix home. From the chapel you head north towards the lakes, all along the way are numerous photo opportunities of peaks, meadows, old buildings and tiny villages.