Project Idea:

By using an image generation tool such as Mid-Journey AI, how much can you accelerate the creation of a slideshow or Portfolio video for a social media campaign? The video must have completely original, specific themed images matching the message of a branded online campaign.

The Brief:

We have one day to create and publish a video slideshow on the theme of digital transformation using 100% original artwork to support a ‘digital branded’ online campaign that will go live tonight (midnight). The final 16:9 video should be about 1 minute long and contain at least eight ideas around trending digital evolution trends in the I.T. industry. You can use all production support tools in your digital toolbox, including royalty-free templates and music.

Budget and Timeline:

Budget: 0 CHF and maximum production time for completion by EOD

Timeline: Must go live tonight. Imagery and script approval by noon, 1st comp approval by 15:00. Final approval by 18:00. Push to social media with the campaign at midnight.

Technical Considerations

Without the recent improvements in accuracy and the rendering capabilities of A.I. image generation tools such as Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion, it would not even be possible with the given time to create entirely original artworks on the theme of digital transformation. First, you must source and engage artists to provide sketches, comp stages, and final renderings. A process that would take days to weeks to complete.

A premade rights-managed video Adobe After Effects template for the slide show will be easy to find; multiple sites offer a wide range of templates in many themes and lengths.

For just the right music track, as for the video template, multiple sites offer fantastic compositions of just about any length and theme.


The most critical unknown of the work is the generation of acceptable original artworks on digital transformation, visualizing trends in internet technologies. So the first tests are to create suitable prompts for the A.I. rendering tools. A quick search of the community feed shows results close to the theme using prompts like ‘digital connection,’ ‘digital network,’ ‘deep learning,’ ‘neural network,’ ‘digital transformation,’ and ‘global communication.’ For specific images, pairing the above with people, trends, objects, or places, such as a ‘data center’ lasers in the resulting renders to precise visualizations. We are ready to go to create utterly original imagery for our theme.



‘Imagining the future of digital communication.’

In Photoshop, I combined and edited three Mid-Journey rendered illustrations from the text prompt of Digital transformation in global communication.

The final video: Total production time for image creation with the video editing in After Effects of just over four hours. All images are original creations from Mid-Journey and some Photoshop edits.

Image: ‘Global Communications Network no.1′   Image generation from prompt: ‘Glowing cyber-network encircling the globe. Cinematic.’

Image: ‘Data Center of the Future.’  Prompt: ‘Interxion data center technology futuristic high-tech.’

Image: ‘Futuristic Augmented Interface.’   Combined image generations from prompt: ‘Motherboard circuits circuit-board woman,’ and ‘Digital network circuit-board, perspective.’

Image: ‘Digitally Connected Urban Hub.’   Prompt: ‘Digital arced connections between cities at night.’

Image: ‘Human Neural Cognitive Network.’   Combined image generations from prompt: ‘Futuristic portrait of a woman connected to a supercomputer,’ and ‘Digital network circuit-board, perspective.’

Image: ‘Global Communications Network no.2′   Prompt: ‘Global communication network technology digital.’

Image: ‘Digital Human Digital Interface.’   Image generation from prompt: ‘futuristic woman connected to a supercomputer.’

Image: ‘Next Generation Data Center Visualization.’   Prompt: ‘Interxion data center technology, futuristic High-tech.’

Image: ‘Next Generation Device Deployments.’   Prompt: ‘Glowing cyber-network encircling the globe. Cinematic.’

Image: ‘New Horizons in Data Communication.’   Prompt: ‘glowing cyber-network encircling the globe. Cinematic.

Additional Images:

Together let’s imagine…

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