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Category: Digital Design

Extending Creativity with Generative AI in System Design

Recently, we had a challenge from our client, HEMAG Balgach AG. They had new job openings for posting online but were not satisfied with posting another text-based offering; instead, they wanted a campaign with some steam to turn more heads.

Having recently extended their brand with new visuals featuring honeycomb hexagram shapes, they want to incorporate these elements in the final design.

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Piz Mitgel Hotel Site

For the Piz Mitgel Hotel project, my goal was to swiftly transform their expiring website into an engaging online hub. Balancing historical charm and modern appeal, I employed a vintage color palette, strategic imagery, and design elements to create an inviting interface. This approach not only retained the hotel’s legacy but also ensured a seamless transition for users, delivering a captivating and immersive digital experience.

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Quick Video Creation with A.I. Tools

In just one day, I created an original 1-minute video slideshow on digital transformation for a branded online campaign using an AI image generation tool called Mid-Journey. I used prompts like ‘digital connection’ and ‘neural network’ to create unique artwork that matched the campaign’s message. To save time and resources, I found a pre-made video template and music track from various online sources. The approval process for the imagery and script had to be completed by noon, with the final video going live at midnight. The recent advancements in AI image generation tools have made it possible to complete complex projects like this within tight timelines.

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Alchemy of A.I.

With the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence tools like MidJourney and Dall.E 2, any text prompt can be turned into a stunning artistic or photographic image. Combining the ideas of Alchemy with these tools resulted in a ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ collection of unique and original images that push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. It’s an exciting time to be a creator in the age of AI.

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