The Ideas of Alchemy visualized with the new & transformative creative tools of Artificial Intelligence

The pace of transformation in the A.I. space has come to the point where all creators need to sit up and notice. The powerful tools of MidJourney and Dall.E 2 can already take any text prompt on any subject and description and render an image in artistic or photographic style.

In this exploration of the new tools, I combined the ideas and language of past-century Alchemy, renaissance artists, and the transmutation of ideas. In result, a ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ collection of a unique and original images that are truly out of this world in creativity and imagination.


MidJourney & Photoshop

Divine Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Here I combined two results rendered in A.I. on the text prompt of  ‘A Leonardo DiVinci illustration of the Alchemical Divine Marriage of Heaven and Earth.’

It is fascinating how the A.I. found inspiration from original Alchemical illustrations and yet did not render any literal figures, actual symbols, or glyphs but created its own fantastical versions.

I combined and set the images into an ornate ‘art deco’ frame also rendered from MidJourney.

The result is a fantastic, iconic object that would sit quite well in a museum collection from the period.

MidJourney & Photoshop

Transmutation of the Alchemical Marriage

Here I prompted the AI with  ‘Invocation of a spirit from the Alchemist’s magical book.’

The resulting image is a mix of smoke and ectoplasmic material emerging from the book, filled with Draconian shapes. All kinds of figures and faces fill the foreground and are set in the background bookcase.

I combined and set the images into an ornate ‘antique metal’ frame also rendered from MidJourney.

The resulting image would work well as the cover of a fictional book. In fact, book illustration is one of the top areas where we will see A.I. have an impact in the year to come.

MidJourney & Photoshop

Delicate Crystal Sphere ‘As Above, so Below’

To achieve this floating sphere of crystal, I gave the AI:  ‘A transparent crystal ball echoing the above and below, with divine flame. ‘ A common theme in Alchemical publications.

Midjourney’s algorithm then combined elements of a crystal sphere, crystals, and burning lamps atop an odd base. All beautifully rendered as a realistic photographic image with a nice depth of field effect.

I combined and set the images into an ornate ‘etched metal’ frame also rendered from MidJourney.

In the area of visualization for product ideas and inspiration, A.I. will excel simply for the fact of how quickly the tools can turn out incredibly creative and detailed combinations based on a simple sentence from anyone’s imagination.


MidJourney & Photoshop

Translucent Jade Egg, A Fairy Trapped Within.

How would a magical fairy appear fossilized inside a transparent jade egg? Well, certainly something like this!

For this prompt, I gave the A.I. Two photo references to work from; a painting of a fairy and an image of a jade egg.

It is amazing to me that Midjourney’s algorithm then combined elements of the images plus added plant and flower elements set into the crystal and realistically rendered the entire thing as shot by my digital camera.

I combined and set the images into an ornate ‘art deco’ frame also rendered from MidJourney using the new Beta upsampling features.

The possibilities for creating never-before dreamed-up combinations of objects, elements, structures, colors, materials, artist styles, and lighting make the creations with A.I. a major, if not the single most impactful disrupter in graphic arts tools since maybe the printing press!


Alchemical AI Gallery

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