Met Office UK


Product & UI designer


iOS / Android Mobile


Figma, InVision Freehand, Adobe XD,


Information architecture, Product roadmap, User research, Design thinking, Design system expansion, User experience, User interface, A/B testing, Interaction analytics


Fourteen Months


For Met Office UK, I designed a cutting-edge travel app called Weather Plan + that integrates the best features of weather, world CAM, travel planners, and event applications that streamline the travel planning process.

With Met, I designed the app to optimize your time, ensure you never miss a connection, and inform you about the weather conditions at your destination. With a focus on trip schedules, travel conditions, destination offers, and events, everything is streamlined and organized for an intuitive traveling experience. You’ll have complete destination info and actions right at your fingertips in one intuitive, user-friendly app.

When you forward any trip planning via email to the Met service, an advanced AI algorithm automatically adds the location and dates to your app, provides information on destination offers, sets up a countdown to the trip, and retrieves weather and travel alerts for the journey, and much more.

And for your home location, the app presents events, offers, alerts, and commuter info to help you stay on top of your daily trips. You’ll find this app to be an absolute game-changer when planning your travels. Happy journeying!


Save time with integrated Global Distribution Systems (GDS) from Amadeus. The system integrates all the travelers’ bookings under one umbrella solution. The traveler simply forwards booking confirmations to an email address, and Amadeus AI does the rest. In a case of a booking that does not fully list in the scheduler, the app recognizes this and will ask the traveler for the missing info.

Don’t miss a trip action, the app organizes each trip per date and time and displays the current trip event at the top. The active trip is expanded by default, and the current travel step is shown. The next travel step is highlighted with added emphasis.

Rain or shine, jacket or shorts? For each travel step, a forecast conditions icon and the temperature is displayed.

What to do? Local events featured offers and nearby offers can be explored and booked right in the application. All travel steps and bookings are added to the events’ calendar view and an alert is created, so a traveling step is never missed.


Events from the traveler’s iCloud and Google calendars are shown with regional event offers in a unique in-app experience for both event tracking and planning.

Regional events can be searched, booked, and are added to the calendar automatically, plus your trip travel details are shown in the calendar view.

In the hour-by-hour display, the originally booked event details are shown along with quick button actions to initiate calls and emails, plus weather and event type icons with info

For each event, a default alarm is added to your iPhone or Android alerts function, so a traveler never misses an upcoming event even if the application is not running.

Manually added events can be synced to the traveler’s iCloud or Google calendars, and syncing from iCloud and Google is available via an easy sync tool with device permissions.