Recently, we had a challenge from our client, HEMAG Balgach AG. They had new job openings for posting online but were not satisfied with posting another text-based offering; instead, they wanted a campaign with some steam to turn more heads.
Having recently extended their brand with new visuals featuring honeycomb hexagram shapes, they want to incorporate these elements in the final design.

Concept Stage

Internet Search
During the concept stage, we search the web for design samples featuring designs and colors fitting our client’s previous campaigns. The results must match the criteria of ‘job openings.’ A web search provided uninspiring results that did not get close to their ideas.
AI image generator
To address these shortcomings, we turned to Mid-Journey and asked our customer to provide their most recent new graphical elements and honeycomb ideas. By inputting these ideas as a prompt, the resulting concepts were much closer to what our client envisioned, and one stood out as a clear direction. We have highlighted the selected comp below:
Brand research & AI pattern ideas
For the next step, we used image generation to generate ideas for Hexagon tiling, coloration, and edge treatments. Considering previous campaigns, brand consistency was paramount in evolving the honeycomb approach.

Design Stage

Essential asset production in Adobe XD, Figma, and Illustrator
By this stage, the project was extended to include updating company PowerPoint presentations, future documentation, and possible upcoming trade show campaigns where high-resolution assets would be needed. We then used Illustrator and Figma to design vector-based graphics that would become the keystones for Illustrator and PowerPoint-based design systems, allowing our client’s in-house marketing team to extend the system into multiple presentations and documents.
InDesign job opening templates
The first rollout of the new design was for the new job placement ads for key industry site distribution. These were built quickly using XD and the Illustrator design system that was developed in parallel.
In Illustrator or Adobe XD, the honeycomb cells are quickly modified with new imagery inserts simply by drag and drop. They can be batched and exported in multiple formats, bit depths, and pixel dimensions.

Design Systems

For large-format print and trade show applications
In Illustrator, the design system leverages fill and outline options to create various hexagrams, single-layer hexagons with transparencies, and two-layer groups for opaque usages.
For Creating in-house and external presentations.
In PowerPoint, the design system leverages two-layer hexagons to create honeycomb patterns. We also provide usage directions and guidelines, font guidelines, and slide samples made with the system.
Customer testimonial from Digeo, the firm’s CEO
Wir sind mit der Arbeit von Duncan Pond rundum zufrieden. Hochprofessionell führt er verschiedene Technologien (inkl. KI) zusammen. Er ist sehr kreativ und bringt gute Ideen. Er konnte sich sehr gut in unseren Betrieb hineindenken. Die Kommunikation mit ihm ist sehr einfach, prompt und verständlich. Man ist sehr gut aufgehoben und wir geben ihm 5 Punkte.
Diego Heule, CEO/Owner
“We are delighted with Duncan Pond’s work. He professionally integrates various technologies (including AI). He is very creative and brings good ideas. Likewise, he was able to immerse himself very well in our operation. Communication with him is straightforward, prompt, and understandable. One is in excellent hands, and we give him 5 stars.”
Diego Heule, CEO/Owner
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HEMAG Balgach AG.


Design for print & screen, design system


Print & PowerPoint


Adobe Illustrator, XD, Figma InDesign


Discovery and brand research, visual print design for print & screen.


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