HEMAG Balgach AG




Decal, print & online


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & XD


Three months

HEMAG Brand Expansion: Keeping the Momentum rolling on some Big Wheels.

HEMAG was already causing a stir with their racing branding both on and off the track, but they were ready to take it to the next level. And that opportunity came in the form of a trucker who was blown away by the sleek and stylish branding. He was eager to make his own mark on the road with a much cooler design for his truck’s wagon.

XD Sketches

First off, I created several coloration schemes derived from the cab’s exterior decor, a factory twilight photo, and the current HEMAG green site palette. Then, using HEMAG’s part and manufacturing product photos, I roughed out numerous XD sketches to visualize possible directions.

Final Illustration

For the final design, I needed really high-resolution photos that would hold up on the huge tarp image. For these, I shot my own RAW photos on site with a 42 MP full format camera and lens for the sharpest captures possible.

Then working with an illustrator template from the printer, I then lifted the vector design and fonts art right from XD into Illustrator, making pixel-perfect corrections as I built the designs so no odd alignment artifacts or overlaps would be visible in the final print.