HEMAG Balgach AG




Decal, print & online


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & XD


Three months

TASK: Modify existing branding to race team logos for the driver helmet and vehicle

Working from the original HEMAG logo design, I integrated the vehicle’s palette of primary colors of red and blue. Adding in some key shapes echoing the original logo design and rectangular striping from the vehicle’s decal design are suggestive of both ’racing’ and the feel of speed.

On the helmet, the HEMAG decal has placement near the top. In this color variation, all logos and helmet palette are restrained to the vehicle color palette. In addition, a white Swiss Cross is worked into the design, plus a blue grill on the lower chin guard.

For a second set of helmet decal variations, the goal was to leverage the original logo’s standard color palettes into a harmonious upper and lower color scheme. An additional variation includes a Swiss Cross on the back side of the helmet.

The new logo vehicle concept is designed to replace the current HEMAG logo on the car door. In addition, to match the vehicle’s stripe design, the vehicle decal original rectangular shapes are modified by extending several out as triangles suggestive of speed.

The second set of decal coloration for the vehicle matches the yellow and green decal colors of the DEKRA ADAC motorsport sponsor.

In final for the vehicle, we modified the HEMAG RACING logo in hunter green with smaller flaring as allowed by sponsor sizing constraints.



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