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Category: Traditional Design

Logo & Marks Portfolio

In designing a logo, I find joy in the elegant process of creating a visual representation that captures the essence of a customer’s brand. It’s a fulfilling challenge to understand their vision and create something simple yet memorable, all while considering their target audience and industry. A well-designed logo becomes the foundation of a brand’s identity, and seeing it come to life and connect with customers is a wonderful feeling. The satisfaction of knowing that my work has helped a business succeed is what makes logo design a rewarding profession.

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HEMAG AG – Truck Tarp Design

HEMAG’s brand has just undergone a major expansion, thanks to the success of my racing branding that turned heads on and off the track. As the designer of their bold new logo, I was thrilled to take things to the next level. After exploring many possibilities, I created an amazing design that makes HEMAG stand out in a crowded marketplace. Keep your eyes peeled for the new HEMAG truck out on the byways!

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HEMAG AG – Racing Branding

Rev your engines, car racing fans! I had the exciting opportunity to work with Hemag Balgach AG, the proud sponsor of ADAC MOTORSPORT driver Ricardo Feller. Their CEO, Diego Heule, came to me with a challenge: to create updated race logos for a new helmet and car designs. With some in-depth research and interviews, I put my pedal to the metal and designed a set of sporty aesthetic changes based on the firm’s original logo. The result? Heads were turning and engines were roaring at the sight of the sleek new designs!

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Introducing Digital Realty Vision Explorer—a tablet-targeted mobile App that transforms data center facility tours. Leveraging augmented reality, modern design tools, and Unity 3D, this app seamlessly presents data center information while ensuring security. Even offline. It provides an immersive experience that highlights an individual data center's unique features.

Extending Creativity with Generative AI in System Design

Recently, we had a challenge from our client, HEMAG Balgach AG. They had new job openings for posting online but were not satisfied with posting another text-based offering; instead, they wanted a campaign with some steam to turn more heads. Having recently extended their brand with new visuals featuring honeycomb hexagram shapes, they want to incorporate these elements in the final design.